HONUA "Earth" Bridal uses recycled, cruelty-free, and organic fabrics to produce ethical and sustainable gowns. 

The fashion industry is one of the world's greatest polluters. Our goal is to help change the way fashion affects our environment and Earth’s inhabitants. Fabric production can be done without killing silkworms for silk, the use of pesticides to grow cotton or the creation of new plastic fibers for polyester. We choose fabrics that have little impact on the environment, that support organic farmers, and promote green technology. Along with choosing responsible fabrics, we recycle our scraps by sending them to OSOM Brand, a company in Los Angeles that turns the scraps into new fabric. By producing gowns that are made sustainable and ethical, HONUA hopes to lead by example in the movement to change the way fashion is produced, packaged, and purchased.

HONUA uses renewable energy.

Our studio is located at Float Off-Grid Art Farm in Haiku, Hawaii. The property is completely "Off-Grid", meaning Honua uses solar power to run its machines and rainwater for its facilities.