HONUA's mission is to create beautiful gowns that give women the opportunity to love the Earth while celebrating a momentous day in their life. HONUA seeks to educate, lead, and participate in the sustainable fashion movement. As a company based in the Hawaiian islands, we aim to support other local businesses and community wherever possible.  

About the owner...

My name is Stephanie Foster. I am the designer, dressmaker, and owner of HONUA Bridal. I grew up on the island of Maui, Hawai'i spending every day in the ocean. I started sewing bikinis when I was 12 years old sparking a life-long love for creating. 

I spent years figuring out how to turn my passion for sewing into a career I can be proud of. I was often conflicted with my love for the ocean, the environment, and my passion for an industry that is one of the major polluters of the world. Through HONUA, I have found a way to pursue my passion with the highest possible regard for the environment. 

My journey has seen me through many years of research, frustration, and standing for what I believe inI am inspired by organizations and brands such as Patagonia or Reformation, who have grown environmental awareness around the world. 

I am thankful to all who choose to support HONUA. 

Company Growth..

As HONUA grows, so will our goals. In the future, we want to give more to the community, to be more active in environmental movements, and create more meaningful and innovative jobs.